• Image of Beef Bone Broth - Sample Single Pocket Pouch 200ml
  • Image of Beef Bone Broth - Sample Single Pocket Pouch 200ml

The 200ml 'Pocket Pouch' is a perfectly portable portion of our delicious bone broth. Great for taking to the office or gym.
Nothing better than all that goodness after a workout.

This single pocket pouch is perfect to pop in your bag and take to work with you or if you are going away for the weekend.
No need to be without your daily fix of bone broth, just remember to order enough pocket pouches a couple days beforehand.

All our broth is made with locally sourced 100% grass-fed beef bones, fresh onions & a pinch of Himalayan crystal pink salt. Our beef bones are roasted and then slowly simmered in stainless steel pots for a minimum of 48 hours, the result is a rich full flavoured broth, deeply nourishing, a real bone broth the way it should be.

We ship our broth directly from our kitchen on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday via a 24 hour courier, which will ensure your order will never be delayed over the weekend.

It is important that you ensure somebody is present at the delivery address to collect your order, or alternatively, please make sure you fill in the ‘Delivery Instructions’ and provide the driver with as many details as possible if you would like the box to be delivered to a neighbour’s house or put in a safe place, or why not have it sent to your place of work.

Important Storage Information:
Please keep your broth refrigerated & use within 5 days once defrosted. Our frozen broth can be kept frozen up to 6 months, just remember always defrost your broth in the refrigerator.